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The Distinctive Coaching Blog has Moved…

Posted by bizcoachjason on June 24, 2009

Yes, that’s correct. Due to a site reconstruction, we’ve moved.

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Six quick sales tips you can use today…

Posted by bizcoachjason on April 7, 2009

Want to sell more? Get the buzz words, catch phrases & industry jargon out of your head. Talk to people in their own, everyday terms so they can relate both intellectually and emotionally.

While working on sales strategies with two different clients yesterday and today, both said to me, “Wow.. I need to unlearn what my company taught me. No wonder I’m not getting many appointments set.”

I’ve also heard this before from past clients. These can’t be coincidences.

These two particular companies are well known and respected ones – one of the oldest and best-known in the financial services and one very respected network marketing company.  Both teach their sales staff very specific strategies and scripts filled with phrases that boast of the company’s successes, accolades, and awards but do very little to engage the prospect’s dreams, wants and desires.  They don’t connect the dots from what the company offers to what’s in the prospect’s mind and heart.

So how do you connect those dots? Here are six quick tips…

– Ask questions. Don’t assume you know your prospect’s pain and pleasure points. Even if you guess correctly, they need to be in their own words, not yours. 
– Make an active sales experience for your prospect, not passive.
– Create a sales conversation instead of a presentation.
– Help your prospect get clear on what they want, how it will positively impact them and the costs for not acting.
– Use check-in questions and assess the fit as you go.
– Leave the decision-making power with your prospect. Don’t try to be sly or force a sale on them. If you’ve done a good job at helping them connect the dots, the decision is up to them. 

It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is if you can’t help your prospect make an emotional and intellectual connection to take ownership of their decision.

What are you thoughts and experiences?


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Supercharge Your Networking & Sales

Posted by bizcoachjason on February 16, 2008

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“Must-have’s in order to gain confidence to sell”

Posted by bizcoachjason on December 22, 2007

Q: What should I include in a great Sales Toolkit?

I am targeting my sales team and am looking for must haves in order for these people to gain the confidence to sell these products.

Interesting question.I’m breaking this down to “Must-have’s in order to gain confidence to sell product”:

1. Expert knowledge of the product’s benefits and how it solves problems for consumers

2. Very good understanding of the prospect’s likely problems and challenges in this subject and with current vendor or product in use

3. Excellent listening and empathy skills to learn the prospect’s unique details around the current challenges that the product solves and be able to articulate those back to demonstrate understanding

4. PRACTICE. If they want to gain confidence, they should practice different approaches and sales scenarios, and role-play those with their managers, peers, friends and then on live prospects to gain familiarity with the conversation. The learning and improvement should never end.

5. A clearly defined objective for each sales interaction: to connect and build the relationship, close a deal, provide info on new product roll-out, follow up on status of recent purchase/service request, assess customer satisfaction, etc… The sales rep should be able to answer this question very specifically: What do I want to have happen by the time I hang up the phone (walk out the door)? Then determine the steps needed to be taken to ensure that happens.


Thanks Jason, I appreciate you sharing some insights here and really think your #5 is excellent. This will definitely help in the design of this sales kit.

Best Regards,

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Q: Can anyone point me to real examples of successful elevator pitches?

Posted by bizcoachjason on December 1, 2007

Great question.  It all really depends on what you want to call “successful”.  Sales and marketing is about relationship building, and the timeframe for that process can vary widely.  So having realistic expectations and clear objectives from an elevator pitch is very important.

Crafting a successful pitch focuses on giving brief and specific information that creates interest and curiosity about how you can help someone, then turning the conversation over so you can learn much more about them.  People generally don’t want to hear about others as much as they want to talk about, or possibly hear insight about, themselves. This example has worked well for me:

“Hi, I’m Jason Rosado from Distinctive Coaching.  We help entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve and surpass the success that they want in a fraction of the time.  We work to help people discover and solve the problems that keep them from moving their business forward.”  Then I use a transition phrase to get them talking, “It’s very interesting and rewarding work, because I get to see people succeed on their terms.  And what does your company specialize in?” Or “…What brought you here to this event tonight?”, etc.

Some people will go into networking events and just want to make contacts—get a name, a very short introduction, and see if there is room for a future conversation.  Everyone has an opinion about quality vs. quantity of networking contacts at an event.  There is no right one.  It depends on how you are set up for future follow up, how well the audience composition matches your targeted clients, and your comfort and style of networking conversation.

I hope this helps.


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Three short sales tips

Posted by bizcoachjason on October 29, 2007

I wanted to share these three sales tips from an answer I posted on LinkedIn:

1. Don’t just “sell a product or service” but become a trusted advisor that provides solutions and can be relied on to help when needed.

2. Listen 80% of the time to the prospect or customer to determine their stated needs and the underlying needs, and talk 20% of the time to ask questions and clarify the answers.

3. Once someone has made a decision to buy, stop selling!  I see this too often: when a customer decides to make the purchase, but for a different reason than the one the sales person is trying to convey, they can be talked out of buying.  As a sales person, if someone decides to buy, no matter what the reason, stop selling and close the deal.  The customer is making the best decision for themselves and knows more about their situation and needs than you do.

Hope these help!

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