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The Distinctive Coaching Blog has Moved…

Posted by bizcoachjason on June 24, 2009

Yes, that’s correct. Due to a site reconstruction, we’ve moved.

For more informative, riveting, fascinating, thrilling articles, posts and general know-how on achieving your ideal business, sales, marketing, networking, social networking, productivity, motivation and all things that go into YOUR successful business, please see:


We’ll be waiting there for you . . .


Biz Coach Jason


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LOCAL, GLOBAL & GREEN 2009 – Chicago, Sat 3/28/09

Posted by bizcoachjason on March 27, 2009

Hello Business Achievers,


Opportunities for Local Businesses, Global Marketplaces and Green Technology.

Saturday, March 28
Registration begins at 9:30AM
Program starts at 10:00AM and ends at 2:00PM

UIC Student Center East, 750 S. Halsted, Chicago, IL.

 Click on the link below for more information:

Billions of Dollars are being allocated for Small Business Development and Green Technology. Find out how you can benefit!

I’ll be there as both an attendee and an expert panelist in sales & marketing at the Small Business Boot Camp that will run at the end of the event.  Hope to see you all there.


Where is Jason speaking next?
Take a look at
www.DistinctiveCoaching.com/events.htm to find out or have him speak at your event!

Jason E. Rosado
Business Coach & Speaker

Helping entrepreneurs, small biz owners, and sales professionals achieve your ideal business in 12 months or less.
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Facebook Profile: http://profile.to/BizCoachJason
Facebook Business Group: http://groups.to/IdealBusinessCommunity

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Want to increase sales, gain new networking insight & enjoy marketing?

Posted by bizcoachjason on February 24, 2009

“Create Your Ideal Prospect”

 – How good are you at getting customers from networking events, online forums, email campaigns and other prospect contact situations?

 – Could you increase your sales effectiveness if you knew exactly what to say, how to say it, what to expect, how to follow up – and put it into the “Prospect Success Formula?”

Most of us entrepreneurs, small biz and sales professionals have several missed opportunities every day, because we aren’t taking our cues from the people we meet and talk to, are not properly positioning ourselves, or are spending too much time and energy focusing on the wrong aspects our dialogs. 

And when we do recognize these opportunities, we often let fear and lack of preparation get in the way of really taking advantage.  I know I have encountered the sleazy sales person or annoying pitch-happy networker when I’ve been out at events. I’ve also gotten introduction emails from unknown or vaguely known people that make my stomach turn.  I don’t want to come off that way to others, and I want to be ethical, moral and helpful with my networking, marketing and sales presentations.

“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”

This means that we create our own luck.  And when you work for yourself, the importance of this cannot be stressed enough. People don’t succeed with their business just because of luck – especially in this economic environment.  You have to be prepared.

And here’s your opportunity to start that preparation, easily and enjoyably.

During this free teleclass, you will:

  • Discover the 4 easy steps to Create Your Ideal Prospect
  • Learn how fashion your “pitch” so it’s exciting, interesting and relevant – whether this is your networking “elevator pitch”, an online introduction or the turning point in casual conversation
  • Know how to use the “Three Eyes” to organically grow people’s interest and get them excited about what you have to offer, so they are ready to say ‘yes’ before you have even asked for a sale
  • Turn a skill that you mastered at age two (and drove your parents crazy) into the most valuable sales tool you can ever use
  • Find out why businesses are growing at breakneck speeds on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Ning and other social networks, and how you can get in on this too
  • And do all these ethically, morally and in a way that makes you feel really good that you are helping others while growing your business!

Please join me on Wednesday, Feb 25 at 9:30am CT for this exciting live workshop that will take what you already know, combine it with new insight and give you superior networking, marketing and sales results!

Here is the link to register: http://idealprospect.eventbrite.com

And… for those that are on the live call, I will be giving a free bonus you will not want to miss, and a very special prize for one lucky winner!

All the best,

P.S. Don’t miss this one! If you want to explode your sales, and even if you aren’t 100% sure you’ll be able to make it, there will be follow up from the event that you won’t want to miss!  http://idealprospect.eventbrite.com


Where is Jason speaking and presenting next?
Take a look at www.DistinctiveCoaching.com/events.htm to find out or have him speak at your event!

Jason E. Rosado
Business Coach

Helping entrepreneurs, home-based & small biz owners, and sales professionals achieve your ideal business in 12 months or less.
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Website: http://www.AchieveYourIdealBusiness.com
Facebook Profile: http://profile.to/BizCoachJason
Facebook Business Group: http://groups.to/IdealBusinessCommunity


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Social & Networking Event in Chicago – The Holiday Meetup Party!

Posted by bizcoachjason on December 4, 2008

Are you doing enough different kinds of networking? 

Quality and diversity are just as important as quanitity.  And many entrepreneurs, small business owners and sales professionals get bogged down in going to business networking event after business networking event.  Don’t forget to have some fun with it!

One of the best networking communities that I have been a part of over the last few years is called Meetup (www.meetup.com)

I run three business networking Meetup groups* and belong to many others (social, sport, interest, etc.)  I have gotten lots of business from these groups and made outstanding contacts.  I want to share one of my favorite social events of the year, which is also a great networking event. Again, if you are a business networker, go for the party and let the networking happen naturally.  You’ll get to enjoy both a lot more!

** Event Details **

Chicago Meetup Holiday Party

You’re invited to the Chicago Meetup Holiday Party! Enjoy this unique opportunity to attend the biggest Chicago Meetup Party this year!

This evening includes a lavish buffet, dancing, prizes, and more!

Meetups from all over the Chicago area are joining together to plan this one-of-a-kind holiday celebration.

RSVP & buy your ticket here: http://meetupholiday2008.eventbrite.com

John Barleycorn – Wrigleyville
3524 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60657
Party Room on the Second Floor
DJ starts at 7:00pm
Tax, Tip for Buffet, and Ticketing Fees are included.
$3 Coat Check is included.
$1 of the ticket will be donated to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.
Advance and Early Bird tickets are subject to a 48 hour cancellation policy. Full refunds are possible up until 48 hours prior to the start of the party.  No refunds will be offered after Dec 17th, 2008, 6pm.

Friday, December 19, 2008
6:00 PM – 10:00 PM: We’ll have the huge upstairs party room to ourselves!
The party continues after 10pm when the party room opens up to the public.

-Beef Flautas
-Italian Beef Sandwiches
-Cheese Ravioli with Marinara Sauce
-Boneless Chicken Strips
-Deli Tray
-Caesar Salad
-Veggie Tray

Early Bird: $20* (First 100 Tickets, Available until December 5th.)
Advance: $25*.
At Door: $35 (If Space is Available) CASH Only.

RSVP & buy your ticket here: http://meetupholiday2008.eventbrite.com


All RSVPs are being collected through this Event Brite Ticketing Site.

Pay By Check Option

Send checks to:
Jonathan Durston
2565 Wood St.
River Grove, IL

Include the names of you and your guests, your email addresses and the group(s) of which you are members.

You will be added to the RSVP list when the check has been cleared.

If the check is received after the party has been sold out, you will be notified that the party is full and your check will be voided. The 48 hour cancellation policy still applies to checks.

RSVP & buy your ticket here: http://meetupholiday2008.eventbrite.com

Important Notes:
You must be 21 or over to attend!!
There is no elevator access to the 2nd floor.
Dress Code: Nice Casual (Long pants / jeans without rips or holes, sweaters, nice shirts / blouses, no t-shirts).

Check In:
Check in at the bottom of the stairs.
To check in, you will need your ticket from Event Brite and/or a photo ID.
You will receive a wristband at check in.

Food Drive:
We will be collecting cans of food for the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

Bring a can or two of food to help those in need. (This is not required.)  Each person donating 2 cans/boxes of food will be entered into a prize drawing.  No glass containers please!

John Barleycorn (Wrigleyville) is located on 3524 N. Clark Street, just south of Addison on the west side of the street.

Public Transportation:
CTA Red Line (Addison stop)
#152 Addison Street Bus
#22 Clark Street Bus

There are two private parking lots located at 3509 North Clark and 3511 North Clark. Street parking is also available.

Click on this link to view the parking availability map

We hope you can join us on December 19th!

RSVP & buy your ticket here: http://meetupholiday2008.eventbrite.com

All the best,
Jason Rosado
Assistant Party Organizer, Co-Marketing Chair & Master of Ceremonies

* Meetup Groups:

Jason E. Rosado
Business Coach

Helping self-directed and self-managed professionals achieve your ideal business in 12 months or less.
Want to get started?  Sign up for your FREE “Business Success E-Series”!773.829.1276

Website: http://www.AchieveYourIdealBusiness.com
Facebook: http://profile.to/BizCoachJason



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Networking & The Holidays – Are you ready??

Posted by bizcoachjason on November 22, 2008

Well… Here come the holidays, and in full force.

I don’t know about you, but my schedule is BUSY… jam-packed, full to the brim. There are networking events, association and club meetings, family gatherings, friends’ parties, Meetup’s, Facebook events, Evites… Oh my head!

This can be a very interesting time of the year for many businesses (and tough for some).  So much to do and so little time, lots of running around from this meeting to that event, back to work, downtown to run errands, to the mall for presents, back to that other event that I almost forgot about…

And if you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner or sales professional, your sales might slow down as people gear up for the holidays, unless you sell reindeer feed, like my uncle in Alaska.

All this can drain your energy, cause stress and send some of us straight to “Bah, Humbug!” land.  (Didn’t know that was a real place, did you?)

But, is that the kind of presence you want to have when you meet someone new at one of these many parties, networking events and meetings?  Are you going to let out a cry for mercy as someone new approaches you at the eggnog bowl and tries to “pitch you” their services while grabbing a mini pizza roll?

I know the feeling.  I’ve woken up late in the night and cried out for help and a break from all the holiday overload.  But then I discovered the “rules” of classy, stylish and easy networking . . . and how to rule all these holiday events instead of having them rule me.
(Yep.. you knew this was going somewhere!)

Well, here are “10 Holiday Networking Tips” that I want to share with you that I’ve found helpful.  They are especially useful during the holiday season to make connections that count, and they will help you keep your energy, sanity and holiday cheer. (And see below for even more direct assistance with this fun topic!)

1.) Make a good first impression
It counts OH SO MUCH!

2.) Be polite, respectful & honest
This is how you want to be treated, right?

3.) Maintain a “giving” mindset
Just like the holidays, successful networking is all about giving. It should be easy to remember this time of year, but it’s an important mindset to have all year round.

4.) Ask for their contact info
So you’ll be able to get in touch with them if you are interested in talking further.

5.) Don’t “sell” without permission
If you’re turned off by someone launches into a 5-minute sales presentation about their awesome pens that write underwater, in the dark and without gravity, don’t assume others are dying to hear about your slick wheel bearings, even if you KNOW that’s exactly what they need.  This is a very important step – maybe the most important of all. You do want to tell people what you do, but in a classy, stylish way that gets their attention…    (See below for more about this one)

6.) Avoid opening with “So, what do you do?”
It can kill rapport building before it begins and can condemn the interaction to being nothing more than boring, robotic and mindless chatter without exchanging the truly important information. If you open your conversations this way, you can miss an important opportunity to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

7.) Don’t rely on them to contact you
Just because they said they were thrilled to have met you and learned about your slick wheel bearings, doesn’t mean they will really call you.  They may have intended to at the time, but life happens and no one is perfect. So get their info so you can ensure the follow up.

8.) Always carry pen, paper & business cards
You never know when a great opportunity might present itself. Yes, even while you’re fighting for that last “Cosmic Raymond” action figure.

9.) Do not get out of a conversation by dumping them on someone else
Making another person suffer is no way to get a good reputation during the holidays. Kindly excuse yourself, tell them you need another drink, see someone you need to speak with, or even that you have to “go” really bad! And don’t get caught lying as that will kill all of your credibility really fast.

10.) Enjoy yourself!
Relax and have fun!  When you’re smiling and enjoying yourself, you are more likable to others, and this can lead to a lot of business. Be kind, considerate and magnetic!

SO… I hope these “10 Holiday Networking Tips” help you as you network your way through all the parties this season. 

If you would like learn EXACTLY how to use these to transform your networking and social events into a Business Boosting Bonanza   – especially how to get great leads quickly without “selling” (number 5 above), being manipulative or dishonest, please sign up for next week’s

* * * FREE TELECLASS : http://NetworkingTheHolidays.eventbrite.com

“Network Your Way through the Holidays – With style, class and ease!”

This is going to be a very exciting session. This is one of my favorite topics, and I promise to show you how to use networking properly to send you business skyrocketing!

And there will be some INCREDIBLE FREE BONUSES given to attendees that you won’t want to miss. These will help you get ready for a blockbuster 2009, even in this challenging economy!


Lastly… If you’re in Chicago, check out the “FUN with REP” networking event on Dec 9 to put these techniques into practice. This is going to be a really fun networking and social event. A great way to gear up for the holidays!

In the meantime, I want to wish a very happy holiday season to you, your family, your business, and most of all your networking spirit!

All the best,

P.S. Speaking of networking and creating a blockbuster 2009, check out the Facebook business group that will help you do both: Achieve Your Ideal Business Community.
And don’t forget to register for “Network Your Way through the Holidays” http://NetworkingTheHolidays.eventbrite.com to get the Free audio recording of the class as well as the Special Free Bonuses!

Jason E. Rosado
Business Coach

Helping self-directed and self-managed professionals achieve your ideal business in 12 months or less.
Want to get started?  Sign up for your FREE “Business Success E-Series”!


Website: http://www.AchieveYourIdealBusiness.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/BizCoachJason
Facebook: http://profile.to/BizCoachJason

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Q: What are the best ways to turn presentations at conferences into business opportunities?

Posted by bizcoachjason on April 22, 2008

Another good question that I received.  I could write a book on this subject, but I won’t.  At least not on the blog.  So here is a short answer with two very important aspects.

At any event at which I am a guest speaker, paid or unpaid, I try to give tremendous value to the audience in two forms:

1.) The session content itself, and I provide action steps and guidance for the audience members to sucessfully apply the information immediately.

2.) An offer for audience members to receive more very valuable free resources afterwards (subscription to my business success articles, a free teleclass, etc.) in exchange for their contact info. This is how you can begin to build the long-term relationship.

The book should be out at a later date…    😉

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Avoid Getting and Giving Headaches…

Posted by bizcoachjason on April 7, 2008

Networking can be great for sales…
Networking can be great for career advancement…
Networking can be great for job transition…

Networking can give you a headache
if it’s not done well…

I read a post today in an online
professional discussion forum about a
networking event that the poster
attended.  He said that there were a lot
of small business owners there, and he
was constantly “getting pitched and
pitched hard” as he met people.

I can definitely relate.  I go to many
networking events. And I have
encountered many sales people, small
business owners and other “experts”
that love telling people what they need
and what they should be doing about
— well, everything!

When I read the post, though, a part
of me wanted to apologize on behalf of
those small biz owners and sales folks. 
You see…

I am also one of the small business
owners, and a lot of my livelihood
depends on networking.

But I don’t “pitch” my services to people
I meet at networking events. I found out
a long time ago that is counter-productive.

When asked, I follow a system to tell
them what I do and who I help, and
then I listen to see if they want to talk
further about it. If not, we move on to
other topics.

I think there is no faster way to kill a
relationship before it’s begun than to
pitch to someone who may not be
interested, or to assume that someone
“needs” your product or service and
then act prematurely on that assumption.

And this is important because…

Successful networking is all about
relationship building.  Not sales.

Let me put it another way:

The best way to get sales results
from networking is to not sell.

Before you decide I’m just plain goofy,
let me explain.

As I said, I do a lot of networking, and
my business and sales depend on it.
And I think I understand sales pretty well, 
having provided large group sales training
sessions and one-on-one sales coaching
for large well known companies as well as
smaller, less known businesses.

I have taken what I’ve learned from my
various business experiences as well as
material I’ve studied and trainings I’ve
attended, and combined them to develop
workshops for others that also depend
on successful networking and sales

Below is a snippet of some of the
“Networking Do’s and Don’ts” that I’ve
shared at those events, which have
proven to go a long way to helping
achieve long-term growth:

– Be polite, respectful & honest.
– Maintain a “helpful” mindset at all times.
– Think about what you can do to help
the other person, not what they can
do for you.
– Ask a lot of questions.
– Enjoy learning about others.

– Don’t “sell” without permission.
– Don’t open with “What do you do?”
because it limits rapport-building.
– No matter how great your conversation
was, don’t rely on them to contact you.
Take the initiative to follow up.

I hope you find this information useful,
especially when you’re at your next
networking event.

All the best,

P.S. If you would like to learn more about
how to put these and other proven
networking skills into action, please join
me for a fr.ee teleclass

“Networking Necessities” this week:


Participants will have a chance to win
a complementary pass to my
Supercharge Your Sales & Networking
workshop on April 19. It will cover how
you can get the most out of sales and
networking, and how you can maximize
your bottom line results by following
an easy system to integrate the best
of both in an incredibly effective and
helpful way.



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Q: What Works Better: Advertising or Networking?

Posted by bizcoachjason on April 1, 2008

A:  For me it’s been a mixture. Networking and meeting people is the first step, and a necessary one.

I have learned so much about networking over the past few years, both from my failures and my successes. I was able to find out what I did flat-out wrong, what I was good at, and what are the “right” things to do that I now love networking because I get so much out of it personally and professionally.

I even took the lessons I have learned from networking and sales and created a workshop that combines the best practices of both for business owners and sales professionals. It teaches not only how to overcome shyness and lack of direction to create a guaranteed success plan, but also how to make your networking and sales work together synergistically to building really strong relationships and leverage those to bring you the sales you want.

So first, you need to build relationships online, offline, at networking events and through other connections. Get to know them – what they want and how you can support them. Then market to them in a very giving way. Treat the people in your network and in your contact database just the same as you would your friends and family.

Become a trusted advisor to them. Provide help and support without expecting anything in return. And know when and how to market to them only when it’s a win-win outcome for both of you.

I hope this answer helps other people out there that are in the same place that I was. And for anyone that would like to learn more, please feel free to contact me.

All the best,
Jason Rosado

P.S. Here is more info on the networking and sales workshop: http://www.DistinctiveCoaching.com/Supercharge.html  

And a Free teleclass preview: http://necessities.eventbrite.com

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LinkedIn: The Debate Continues…

Posted by bizcoachjason on March 21, 2008

Are you a LION? Are you uncertain if you
should be concentrating on getting
connections of quantity or quality for your
best business results?

I just received ANOTHER invitation that used
a canned text. And I can almost recite it verbatim.
It was the third or fourth time this person with
500+ connections has invited me to join his
LinkedIn network.

I joined LinkedIn in early 2006, and I have enjoyed
the use of this business networking site for
multiple purposes – finding old colleagues,
strengthening relationships with quality people
that I have recently met, getting ideas and helping
others through the “Questions & Answers” feature.

But, I have become more and more selective
about which invitations I accept.

I feel quality is better than quantity. I almost
cringe when I receive an invitation in which the
default text hasn’t been changed at all. If you
really think we should be connected to help
each other grow our networks, why not type in
something that let’s me know:

• Who are you?
• How do we know each other, or how did you
come across my profile?
• Why do you think that you and I specifically
would make good networking partners?
• How can I help you?
• What’s in it for me, other than having another
connection that I can’t confidently refer people to?

The basic tenet of relationship building (think
sales skills) is normally absent from the volume
of invitations. Focus on the other person, not
yourself. No one wants to be friends with
someone that’s all “me, me, me…” You don’t
need to write a book, but write something to
make it personal. Refer to something unique in
my profile that lets me know this isn’t a canned

“I know the value of having a ridiculously large
network, so let’s connect” doesn’t sound like
someone with whom I can pick up the phone,
or email to, and get together with for lunch,
get support or ideas from, or give a
recommendation to.

If you add people at random and have no intention
of getting to know them, you are not building a
network, you are building the Whitepages. I threw
my last published phone directory out years ago,
and I don’t need another one.

But I do accept invitations from sincere, caring
professionals that REALLY want to help each
other and can show me why they, and why I
should, value this special, potential connection.

After all, that’s why I am a big believer in the
power of networking and helping each other.
Have a fantastic Friday, and a Happy Easter
to those of you that celebrate!

All the best,

P.S. Chicago, 4/19/08 – We will be delving into
this and other networking topics to help you
supercharge your networking and sales!
Please see http://www.DistinctiveCoaching.com/Supercharge.html

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Get More from Your Network!

Posted by bizcoachjason on March 2, 2008

As many of you know, BNC’s
Spring n-Counter
is coming up fast. 
And we’re excited!

As my 449 friends and colleagues that
made it to Fall n-Counter know, this is an
outstanding networking event with all
kinds of professionals from all kinds of
industries, non-profits, clubs, associations
and special interest groups — with lots of
catching up to do and even more new
people to meet!

Now the question is:
Are you ready for it?

Please join me for a free teleclass
Networking Necessities. There will be
two sessions to choose from:
– Monday, 3/3/08 at 7pm CT
– Tuesday, 3/4/08 at 10am CT
To receive the dial in number, please go to

In this 50 minutes class, we’ll cover how to
use the Networking Necessities

•  Eliminate fear and build confidence in
speaking with both acquaintances
and strangers
•  Build rapport quickly and easily
•  Discover how to propel you to the front
of prospects mind
•  Find the best places to go to network
•  Leave people wanting to learn more
about you and your business
•  Come across as the true professional
you are and walk away with results that

Networking is part science and part art.
We’ll look at the two sides, and you’ll
leave with a plan that will take advantage
of both.

Let’s make some connections!

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