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The Distinctive Coaching Blog has Moved…

Posted by bizcoachjason on June 24, 2009

Yes, that’s correct. Due to a site reconstruction, we’ve moved.

For more informative, riveting, fascinating, thrilling articles, posts and general know-how on achieving your ideal business, sales, marketing, networking, social networking, productivity, motivation and all things that go into YOUR successful business, please see:


We’ll be waiting there for you . . .


Biz Coach Jason


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Thought of the Day on Increasing Your Value

Posted by bizcoachjason on April 14, 2009

Want to improve your value to your customers?

Ask your past clients about the benefits of their experience with you, not just the bottom-line results. Getting clear on this value will help you to produce even more of it.

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The End is Near (of the Indurtial Age) – “Get Out of the Training Business”

Posted by bizcoachjason on February 24, 2009

Very interesting article. I don’t know if I buy every point, but there are some great nuggets here.  I love the quote “Burning people out is not a survival strategy.”

So what does this all mean?

Even though this article is aimed at the corporate world, there are obviously huge implications for the small business and entrepreneurial folks.  Massive societal growth in networking, collaborating and coaching… some of my favorite pastimes… will lead to better decision-making skill and helping and service attitudes – which also will lead to more viral marketing, affiliate marketing and joint ventures between companies offering their products and services to the same target markets.

For those of us already doing the solopreneur gig, we have a headstart. But we need to keep learning, growing and staying ahead of the curve.

And… Don’t miss tomorrow’s FREE TELECLASS to start this new world process: http://idealprospect.eventbrite.com – better networking, marketing and sales success for eveyone!

“Get Out of the Training Business”  –  Jay Cross

The dawn of a new age

If you’re looking for a way to weather the economic downturn, the first thing you need to do is realize that it’s a permanent climate change, not a passing storm.

What we are experiencing today is fundamental. The industrial age is in its death throes, making way for the unfolding of the network age…



Jason E. Rosado
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Posted by bizcoachjason on February 1, 2009

Feb 1, 2009   

Contact:  Jason Rosado
(773) 829-1276



CHICAGO – Business coach and owner of Distinctive Coaching, Jason Rosado, has found a way to “beat the big boys at their own game,” as he put it.


Today’s airing of the 2009 Superbowl XLIII (NBC) in Tampa, Florida at Raymond James Stadium will have some of the same old aspects from the national unofficial holiday as well as some new flashy features. Al Michaels and John Madden are slated as the announcers, with Bruce Springsteen and the E street band as the halftime show.


A thirty-second commercial will cost approximately $3,000,000 USD.  MillerCoors and their ad agency have devised a brilliant plan to take advantage of a cost-savings idea in this economy.


Miller High Life has filmed a one-second commercial, and bought the corresponding airtime for a reported $100,000. Obviously the cost savings is great, though when you take into account the shortened viewership of the spots, the math works out proportionately. However, the news of the one-second commercial format has already gotten much more publicity, at a much lower cost, than a normal 30-second Superbowl spot will likely garnish an advertiser.


When news of the cost-effective and innovative approach to advertising during “The Big Game” reached Rosado, he figured he could do one better.


After considering his options carefully, consulting with his wife (she helps keep him from “spending the farm”), his accountant, CPA, Warren Buffett, and Donny Deutsch, Rosado decided his best strategy was to go even smaller, and buy no airtime.


“These big-time guys and their teams of ad execs keep coming up with great ideas.  But they are not the only ones to see big profits from the Superbowl ad frenzy.  Not only was I able to save money from not having to buy a half-second slot from NBC, but I also didn’t have to pay for a fancy ad agency, writers, directors, actors, a film crew and a location shoot.  The way I see it, MillerCoors and all the other ‘big boys’ can have their day in the sun, but I’m going to have my cake and eat it, too!”


Rosado hopes this new method of not advertising attracts the kind of clients he loves to work with and that are just like him: no-nonsense entrepreneurs, home-based and small business owners and sales professionals that want to improve their strategy, upgrade their skills, increase their effectiveness and greatly grow their revenue. His ideal is to have each client create wealth, freedom and happiness while doing the work that they enjoy so much, unlike the 2008 0-16 Detroit Lions, who just got the money.


He believes that not advertising during Superbowl XLIII is a way to continue his life work towards those ends, and that both current and prospective clients will also find that they too can prosper by not advertising during today’s or any upcoming Superbowl event.


When reached for further comment and asked how he will spend the evening now that he will not be tied up in the Superbowl rat race, Rosado remarked, “Well, I guess my wife and I will go to our friends’ home, where we’ve been invited. I think we’ll all have a good laugh at MillerCoors’ expense when we see their one-second commercial and celebrate our good fortune, knowing that we’ve finally beat the big boys at their own game.” 


He also mentioned that the Arizona Cardinals were originally from Chicago and that he might root for them, but that wasn’t nearly as interesting.



About Distinctive Coaching

Distinctive Coaching (www.DistinctiveCoaching.com) helps entrepreneurs, small business owners and sales professionals to achieve their ideal business in 12 months or less. Jason Rosado is the founder and owner of this training and coaching private practice and has worked in this field for over 20 years in large corporate, small business and entrepreneurial companies.




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Q: Should I have business cards when I’m not in business?

Posted by bizcoachjason on August 22, 2008

   Q: I don’t have business cards from my job, and I don’t particularly want to incur the expense of getting them made with my office information on them. I have found however, that not having business cards at all is awkward when making new acquaintances. I am in the midst of deciding which direction to go career-wise, but won’t have that decided for a few months at least.

Is it tacky to make business cards with simply my name, number and email. In other words, no title, company etc?

   A: If you are networking, I think it is incredibly important to have a card to hand someone when asked, because:
· You are perceived as professional, organized and “together”
· You are furthering the relationship that you just started by meeting the person
· This person obviously has a reason in mind that they want to contact you in the future
· You are providing something tangible to be remembered by after the initial meeting

I also believe that getting the other person’s contact info is ten times more important than handing a card to someone and hoping for the best, because:
· You are now in control of if and when you have further contact
· You have a resource that you can call upon later if desired
· You can share this new acquaintance as a resource to others that may want help in some area

As for what to say on the card in addition to your contact info, you have a few options:
· Consider what message you really want people to know about you, like a tagline. My card says “Achieve Your Ideal Business in 12 Months or Less”
· Put a generic title in your career area of interest like “Coaching Professional”, “Training Professional”, “Management Professional”, etc.
· Go with only your contact info. If people are asking you for a card, they already have their own perception of you and will fill in the “blank” themselves with what is relevant to them.

Good luck out there!  And have fun.

Jason Rosado


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A few words of wisdom from someone successful…

Posted by bizcoachjason on March 21, 2008

Here are some words of wisdom from Gordon Segal, founder of Crate & Barrel.

He points out one of the most difficult aspects of growing a business: That hiring that first employee will completely change the scope of what you do.  In order to cope with that, you need to set the foundation and go into business for the right reasons, have a vision of what you want the business to become, be flexible and adaptable, and lastly give up control of the small details that seem very important for the sake of success with your long-term plan.

Keep your eyes on www.DistinctiveCoaching.com/events.html for our upcoming Leadership Workshop that will delve into this and other related topics.

Without further ado, here is Mr. Segal: http://www.chicagobusiness.com/cgi-bin/multiMedia.pl?mmId=214

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One week already gone… (1/7/08)

Posted by bizcoachjason on January 12, 2008

Happy New Year!!

We are about one week into the new year
of 2008. I’ve got a few questions that
I want to ask of you and of myself, as well…

How did 2007 go? Did we accomplish everything
that we set out to? Did we determine if
it was a successful year? How successful?

What did we learn from 2007 that will help us
to double, triple or more our results for 2008?

Looking back at 2007

Well, I know it’s not completely fair for me
to sit here and “preach” to you about what
you should do or should have done, so I’m going
to tell you about my own experiences instead.

Last year, I wrote an article about New Years
Resolutions (“NYR’s”) that was published on
Gaper’s Block: http://tinyurl.com/3a2u7f.
I thought it would be interesting to audit
myself on my own advice to see how well I did.
I invite you to measure your past year
as I go through my own evaluation.

In the article, I outlined a three-step plan
for NYR’s:
1.) Get very clear on your vision of success
2.) Create a sound plan of action
3.) Get support and create accountability

In terms of NYR’s and 2007 goals,
I did fairly well. So, in no particular order…

Lose weight:
This probably is always the toughest NYR in
our country. I had to attempt this twice and
some of weight crept back on at the end of
the year.. so this one will roll over to 2008.
At least I am getting better each time and
figuring out what motivation and strategies
work and which ones don’t. The toughest part
here is that as I get older, what works seems
to change.

I followed the three steps closely and have
a lot of energy and even more focus to make
this happen in 2008.

For this goal, step #3 is HUGE, as many of
you know. For accountability to eat healthier,
my wife and I worked the same program together
and supported each other. For more exercise,
I trained for and completed a 50-mile bicycle
ride in Mexico in September. Working towards
that goal and holding the vision of the finish
line was a very big part of my success.

Build up my business:
I definitely built up the business, held
workshops, and increased one-on-one coaching
clients. I did a ton of networking and
marketing, and I learned so much more about
those two items to build upon my existing
knowledge that now many of my workshops center
on the subjects.

On the three steps, I faltered on #1 and as a
result #2 was much more difficult to accomplish.
I didn’t have strongly stated revenue and other
quantifiable goals to start last year. I did
get to them and then met them, so now I have
more aggressive goals set for 2008, and I know
the success will be much higher!

Put more money in savings:
This was accomplished, but one of the hidden
obstacles that I didn’t factor in was the
money I would want to spend on my own
professional development, which added up.

Buy a new car:
This one was a much longer running goal
than realized. It came together nicely
towards the end of the year and required
other goals to be accomplished first.

Yes, all in all, it was a pretty good year!

 For the above goals, all three steps were
critical. And each goal had a different set
of challenges that related to different parts
of the three steps. It was very important to
have people to fall back on and help me through
the processes. My wife, coaches, friends,
networking groups, and my own determination
all helped to fill strategy gaps, provide
support, and keep me accountable.

 During this “self-audit”, I discovered step #4:
4.) Keep learning along the way

This year was a big learning process, and
I know that having gone back and reviewed it,
2008 will be much stronger!

All the best in the new year,

What, that’s it? What about 2008?
–> Do you have your business, saless and marketing game plan together for 2008?
–> Do you have specific, measurable and tangible goals set?
–> Do you know what your action steps are going to be to get there?
–> Have you come up with contingency plans and thought about hidden obstacles?
–> How are you going to make sure you keep learning so you can grow, advance and achieve?
==> If you have any doubts at all about your
answers to these questions, I have TWO suggestions…

 ==> ONE
Register and attend the BNC Entrepreneur Luncheon in Chicago on 1/9/08,
where I will be the guest speaker, and we will work together to create
supercharged goals for 2008!  Please follow the contact instructions on
the registration page, as this is filling up quickly!

==> TWO
Sign up to receive the FREE Business Success E-Series from Distinctive Coaching. This five-part series highlights how you can lay the foundation, strategize your actions and improve yourself and those around you so you can have your best year ever!

Jason E. Rosado
Business Coach

Helping entrepreneurs and sales professionals achieve your ideal business in 12 months or less.
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Happy 12 Days in Africa… (Huh?!)

Posted by bizcoachjason on December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays, everyone!!!

Enjoy, and Happy New Year!!!

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Three short sales tips

Posted by bizcoachjason on October 29, 2007

I wanted to share these three sales tips from an answer I posted on LinkedIn:

1. Don’t just “sell a product or service” but become a trusted advisor that provides solutions and can be relied on to help when needed.

2. Listen 80% of the time to the prospect or customer to determine their stated needs and the underlying needs, and talk 20% of the time to ask questions and clarify the answers.

3. Once someone has made a decision to buy, stop selling!  I see this too often: when a customer decides to make the purchase, but for a different reason than the one the sales person is trying to convey, they can be talked out of buying.  As a sales person, if someone decides to buy, no matter what the reason, stop selling and close the deal.  The customer is making the best decision for themselves and knows more about their situation and needs than you do.

Hope these help!

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Randy Pausch & “The Last Lecture”

Posted by bizcoachjason on October 17, 2007

This is a short inspiring, profound video of Randy Pausch.  I won’t say much, other than there are some great coaching and life philosophies unveiled, so you get out of it what’s natural for you.

Thank you, Randy, for your contributions and wisdom.


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