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The Distinctive Coaching Blog has Moved…

Posted by bizcoachjason on June 24, 2009

Yes, that’s correct. Due to a site reconstruction, we’ve moved.

For more informative, riveting, fascinating, thrilling articles, posts and general know-how on achieving your ideal business, sales, marketing, networking, social networking, productivity, motivation and all things that go into YOUR successful business, please see:


We’ll be waiting there for you . . .


Biz Coach Jason


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Awesome FREE resource for FB, LI, Twitter…

Posted by bizcoachjason on June 18, 2009

Check out this highly-rated (and FREE) guide to exploding your business using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, etc..


Here’s what some people are saying about it…

“Jason, I love this report! I have been having a hard time figuring out Twitter and your report has done wonders for me. Thank you. Is it ok for me to share the link with others?
Continue the wonderful work!”
– Sheila E.

“I just read your report on social networking. I could relate to some of the same frustrations! lol Enjoyed reading the tips. Thanks!”
– Nancy B.

 ”Thanks for sharing the link. One of the better summaries on using social media/networks for business owners.”
– Brett T.

“Hi Jason,  This guide seems really interesting and goes right along with the training topic we just had. Why don’t you also post this info to the group? I think that audience would really benefit from this too.
– Frankie G.

“Nice! I can definitely use some of these ideas. This makes a lot of sense for marketing. I can tell my sales are really going to take off now!”
– Shawn T.

“Jason, great report – sure opened my eyes. I could use this help.”
– Jim W.

“Jason, Hope you don’t mind…I posted your Special Report to my wall, encouraging all to forward it to their business friends who don’t yet ‘get’ the importance of social media… ’Pass this article along to your business friends not yet on FB, Twitter, et al – Thanks to Jason Rosado’ ”
– Geoff M.

“Wow… Thanks for sharing this!”
– Susan M.


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