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5 Tips to Avoid Entrepreneurial Burnout

Posted by bizcoachjason on May 21, 2009

Avoiding burnout for us entrepreneurs is key to having a strong, thriving business and happy life:

1.) Create your vision fully – List all the details, all the motivators and consequences of not attaining the vision

2.) Strategize your actions and make sure they are inspired actions – Productivity steps that energize and excite you. Don’t get bogged down with the little things that you don’t really enjoy. There is no one way to accomplish something; there are usually MANY ways. Work with someone to find out what those are, and how to get them done.

3.) Surround yourself with positive people and minimize time with energy draining people.

4.) Take time for yourself everyday, or in crunch time, at the very least every week. Do those things that relax you – read the morning paper in peace, have a cup of tea on the patio, walk, jog or bike for 30 minutes. Take a little time out of your day to refresh your mind and body. For me, bike riding on long trails is when I get the most relaxation, a good workout and fantastic business brainstorming, energy and motivation!

5.) And lastly, don’t go it alone. Work with others and get outside support. You’re not in it alone, and everyone benefits when we work together. 

Excerpt of a “TwitInterview” on entrepreneurial Marketing, Networking, Sales and Productivity, posted at: http://twitinterviews.com/tag/jason-rosado/ 


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