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“Testimonial Tuesdays” on Facebook and Twitter!

Posted by bizcoachjason on May 5, 2009

Hello Business Achievers!

In the spirit of sharing, helping reverse the recession, and providing sales to those that truly deserve it, I would like to introduce “Testimonial Tuesdays”!

http://snipurl.com/hey43 in the Facebook Group: “Achieve Your Ideal Business Now!”

I think Tuesdays are a great day for us to give a recommendation, testimonial or just kudos for a job well done to anyone we’ve worked with that we feel others could really benefit from.

For my first Testimonial Tuesday post and I want to give props to someone that has saved me hundreds of dollars over the past year, if not more:

I love the professional service and additional coverage she was able to provide at a much lower rate on my home, auto and umbrella insurance. I’ve been very happy with my rep for over a year. Let me know if you want Richele’s contact info to have her give you a great quote! Jason@DistinctiveCoaching.com

Please post your own Testimonials:

All the best,

P.S. Here is a Twitter post for you to ReTweet about Testimonial Tuesdays:

“Testimonial Tuesday”! Let the world know about the awesome service & value of other polished professionals! http://snipurl.com/hey43 Pls RT

@BizCoachJason  http://twitter.com/BizCoachJason


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