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Online Communication Tips For — Communicators

Posted by bizcoachjason on May 4, 2009

“Online Communication Tips For — Communicators” 

It’s all about image, communication, relationships and style.  Especially for us business owners.  Remember that people are looking to you and will decide if they want to buy from you, do business with you, or network and help you connect with others.

Richard Laermer provides some very good points here about what you’re posting on Facebook, as well as how you are emailing to your audiece.  Everything you communicate reflects on you and your brand.

“… By now, we’ve all received the message that our online reputations and images are as important, if not more important, than their off-the-Web counterparts.

So here’s how to rise from the ground floor to a higher level…”

Read more here:

Jason’s additional comments:

This is very sound advice!

I would add that if you are writing marketing copy (webpage, newsletter, etc.) think of your audience as they are reading a note from you specifically to them specifically. At times it’s appropriate to write in a “personal” voice. The grammar doesn’t have to be perfect in these instances; it should sound “natural” and even a touch conversational. But it still needs to sound intelligent, respectful and thoughtful. 

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