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Q: Should I continue marketing my small business during a recession?

Posted by bizcoachjason on May 30, 2009

A lot of people are asking whether it makes sense to continue marketing as usual when money is so tight and often sales are low, cut back to save money and help stay afloat, or even cut marketing out altogether.

My definition of being in business is: “Selling a product or service.” And my definition of marketing is: “Creating exposure for your business, product or service.”

So a simplistic answer is: If no one knows you have something to sell, no one will be able to buy. 

Not only is marketing essential in this economic environment, it can also be done inexpensively and very often for free.

I work with my own entrepreneurial clients to build their businesses using marketing methods that are no cost, fun and motivating for them to execute, and extremely helpful to their target market. This also helps to build their brand and exposure. So even if some prospects are not ready to buy at the moment, the processes, systems and strategies are in place and moving to really take advantage when the economy turns around.

But even during the downturn, people are buying. It’s all a matter of delivering great value with your marketing and being able to easily and comfortably show a rock-solid return on investment – present and future.

The best marketing is free. And it will set up your sales for success now and explode even more down the road.

Happy marketing and enjoy the ride!

Jason E. Rosado
Business Coach & Professional Speaker

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5 Tips to Avoid Entrepreneurial Burnout

Posted by bizcoachjason on May 21, 2009

Avoiding burnout for us entrepreneurs is key to having a strong, thriving business and happy life:

1.) Create your vision fully – List all the details, all the motivators and consequences of not attaining the vision

2.) Strategize your actions and make sure they are inspired actions – Productivity steps that energize and excite you. Don’t get bogged down with the little things that you don’t really enjoy. There is no one way to accomplish something; there are usually MANY ways. Work with someone to find out what those are, and how to get them done.

3.) Surround yourself with positive people and minimize time with energy draining people.

4.) Take time for yourself everyday, or in crunch time, at the very least every week. Do those things that relax you – read the morning paper in peace, have a cup of tea on the patio, walk, jog or bike for 30 minutes. Take a little time out of your day to refresh your mind and body. For me, bike riding on long trails is when I get the most relaxation, a good workout and fantastic business brainstorming, energy and motivation!

5.) And lastly, don’t go it alone. Work with others and get outside support. You’re not in it alone, and everyone benefits when we work together. 

Excerpt of a “TwitInterview” on entrepreneurial Marketing, Networking, Sales and Productivity, posted at: http://twitinterviews.com/tag/jason-rosado/ 

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“Testimonial Tuesdays” on Facebook and Twitter!

Posted by bizcoachjason on May 5, 2009

Hello Business Achievers!

In the spirit of sharing, helping reverse the recession, and providing sales to those that truly deserve it, I would like to introduce “Testimonial Tuesdays”!

http://snipurl.com/hey43 in the Facebook Group: “Achieve Your Ideal Business Now!”

I think Tuesdays are a great day for us to give a recommendation, testimonial or just kudos for a job well done to anyone we’ve worked with that we feel others could really benefit from.

For my first Testimonial Tuesday post and I want to give props to someone that has saved me hundreds of dollars over the past year, if not more:

I love the professional service and additional coverage she was able to provide at a much lower rate on my home, auto and umbrella insurance. I’ve been very happy with my rep for over a year. Let me know if you want Richele’s contact info to have her give you a great quote! Jason@DistinctiveCoaching.com

Please post your own Testimonials:

All the best,

P.S. Here is a Twitter post for you to ReTweet about Testimonial Tuesdays:

“Testimonial Tuesday”! Let the world know about the awesome service & value of other polished professionals! http://snipurl.com/hey43 Pls RT

@BizCoachJason  http://twitter.com/BizCoachJason

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Online Communication Tips For — Communicators

Posted by bizcoachjason on May 4, 2009

“Online Communication Tips For — Communicators” 

It’s all about image, communication, relationships and style.  Especially for us business owners.  Remember that people are looking to you and will decide if they want to buy from you, do business with you, or network and help you connect with others.

Richard Laermer provides some very good points here about what you’re posting on Facebook, as well as how you are emailing to your audiece.  Everything you communicate reflects on you and your brand.

“… By now, we’ve all received the message that our online reputations and images are as important, if not more important, than their off-the-Web counterparts.

So here’s how to rise from the ground floor to a higher level…”

Read more here:

Jason’s additional comments:

This is very sound advice!

I would add that if you are writing marketing copy (webpage, newsletter, etc.) think of your audience as they are reading a note from you specifically to them specifically. At times it’s appropriate to write in a “personal” voice. The grammar doesn’t have to be perfect in these instances; it should sound “natural” and even a touch conversational. But it still needs to sound intelligent, respectful and thoughtful. 

All the best,

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Facebook Business Group: http://groups.to/IdealBusinessCommunity

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