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Six quick sales tips you can use today…

Posted by bizcoachjason on April 7, 2009

Want to sell more? Get the buzz words, catch phrases & industry jargon out of your head. Talk to people in their own, everyday terms so they can relate both intellectually and emotionally.

While working on sales strategies with two different clients yesterday and today, both said to me, “Wow.. I need to unlearn what my company taught me. No wonder I’m not getting many appointments set.”

I’ve also heard this before from past clients. These can’t be coincidences.

These two particular companies are well known and respected ones – one of the oldest and best-known in the financial services and one very respected network marketing company.  Both teach their sales staff very specific strategies and scripts filled with phrases that boast of the company’s successes, accolades, and awards but do very little to engage the prospect’s dreams, wants and desires.  They don’t connect the dots from what the company offers to what’s in the prospect’s mind and heart.

So how do you connect those dots? Here are six quick tips…

– Ask questions. Don’t assume you know your prospect’s pain and pleasure points. Even if you guess correctly, they need to be in their own words, not yours. 
– Make an active sales experience for your prospect, not passive.
– Create a sales conversation instead of a presentation.
– Help your prospect get clear on what they want, how it will positively impact them and the costs for not acting.
– Use check-in questions and assess the fit as you go.
– Leave the decision-making power with your prospect. Don’t try to be sly or force a sale on them. If you’ve done a good job at helping them connect the dots, the decision is up to them. 

It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is if you can’t help your prospect make an emotional and intellectual connection to take ownership of their decision.

What are you thoughts and experiences?


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