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Interesting Life & Business Lessons – from Scary “Popcorn” Evidence

Posted by bizcoachjason on February 18, 2009

UPDATED 2/22/09:


It turns out the video below is a hoax. It was a marketing ploy to sell cell phone earpieces.  One of my friends found the above story and sent me the link.  It also stirred quite a discussion between us.

Many of us have fallen prey to the “alarmist” email forwards, and I am usually not “fooled” by them, at least without doing a web search and checking things out myself.  This one got the better of me, as it was intended to play on fear and pain points (good marketing, huh?)

My friend implied that by sending this hoax warning in am email to friends and family (he assumed I sent it also to clients and prospects), I was going against my very mission of coaching people to build a reputation for integrity, professionalism, attention to detail, marketing, branding, etc.  He asked me in a tongue-in-cheek way, how would I coach someone that sent “false and erroneous information” via email. 

So I responded:

“Yes, we all do imperfect things that impact our goals and relationships, and sometimes sabotage them.

To sum it up: Ooops.  I’m not perfect. Life goes on. And I do coach others that well thought out action is more important than perfect action for the simple reason that we can be paralyzed by waiting and trying to be perfect. ”

There are many lessons to be learned here.
– Don’t always take things at face value
– Always look before you leap
– Be mindful of others’ perceptions and outcomes from your potential actions
– Use well thought out actions

But I still say sometimes taking imperfect actions beats all the above to move you towards success – especially when you are acting from genuine compassion and care.

Life (and business) is a crap-shoot. Be diligent, but don’t be paralyzed or overly pessimistic.

Enjoy the video, but remember, until you try it at home, it’s not proof just because it looks like it’s true.  🙂

All the best,




I haven’t seen the popcorn evidence before, but I have been concerned for a long time about us literally frying our brains and other tissues and organs from cell phones.  It’s good to see the physical evidence.

 – Jason

P.S. It’s also good to know what to do if you’re stuck in the wilderness with only popcorn and your cell phone, in order to keep from starving.  LOL


Check this out – scary! 




And we’re supposed to believe
that cell phones are safe?


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