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Jan 19, 2009 – How are you celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day?

Posted by bizcoachjason on January 19, 2009

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

I hope everyone is doing something special today, be it big or little, to support Martin Luther King Jr. Day and all that this holiday and Dr. King himself stands for in America’s history and future.

Today I was asked to be a guest speaker at networking lunch in February that looks to be a celebration of diversity and civil rights in its own right.  The group will be composed of mostly women entrepreneurs from many races and backgrounds.  Under the main topics of networking, marketing and sales, I am looking forward to speaking specifically on how to broaden your network, help others, foster cooperation and collaboration, and be of service to one another.  Growing your business and leading a happier, more fulfilling life will just be awesome side effects.

I think it’s going to be a fantastic event!  Even though I am doing this for exposure and business reasons, I do feel very good about the group attending.  Just knowing that this kind of assembly of a diverse group of people with common goals and aspirations is a cause for celebration, because there was a long time in history when this would not have been the norm, acceptable and in some cases even legal.

I am very thankful and grateful for people of all races, creeds and colors that fought for centuries for civil rights in our country and continue to do so.  I am privileged and appreciative that I live and work, both virtually and in person, in communities in which I am able to meet people from different backgrounds with different experiences, preferences, opinions and points of view.  I hope that future generations will have even more openness, trust and caring across borders that will lift the nation and the world as we grow together in this new century.

Please share your thoughts, musings, and anything at all on this topic.

And enjoy today’s holiday and tomorrow’s inauguration, and many more todays and tomorrows to come!

All the best,


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