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Q: How can I use Twitter to draw business to my website?

Posted by bizcoachjason on January 9, 2009

From the Facebook Discussion: “Who’s Using Twitter?”

Q: Jason, I have a question about Twitter. How can I use it to draw business to my website?

A: Great question.  There are several different ways to use Twitter for business.  Here are ten off the top of my head:

1.) Have conversations over Twitter by replying to other postings to build your network and relationships so people get to know you better – Type “@TheirTwitterName” at the beginning of the post to indicate who you are talking to, or click on the reply icon from their original post.

2.) Make announcements about your services, specials, etc.

3.) Provide helpful links to info, articles, blog posts, videos and other resources that are of interest to your target market.

4.) Ask others to “Re-tweet” important messages that you want to be spread “virally”.

5.) Use it synergistically with Facebook, LinkedIn, Ning, Meetup, etc.  When you connect to someone on one platform, see if they are on Twitter.  The more familiarity they get with you, the faster the relationship is built.

6.) Post questions that you have about anything at all.  If they have the answer, someone will generally try to help out.

7.) Announce networking events or ways to facilitate more in-person or virtual interaction.

8.) Give testimonials and recommendations to support your network.  I have done this when I had a great customer experience, and others have gotten business from it.

9.) Post some personal stuff once in a while, so people get to know not just your business, but you as well.

10.) Promote BizCoachJason and DistinctiveCoaching.com, because I rock 🙂  (Just kidding)

I have had people sign up for my E-Series and teleclasses from posts I’ve made, and others have retweeted for me on Twitter. 

Just aim to share the love, and it will work well.

All the best,

Jason E. Rosado
Business Coach

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3 Responses to “Q: How can I use Twitter to draw business to my website?”

  1. Nana said

    I know that people say to use Facebook to also spread your Twitter content, but shouldn’t Facebook be used more for one’s personal friends and activities. I don’t necessarily like business promo after business promotion from my Facebook Friends. At the same time, I realize one must mix it up.
    What do you think?

  2. I admit, I have not been on this webpage in a long time… however it was another joy to see It is such an important topic and ignored by so many, even professionals. I thank you to help making people more aware of possible issues.Great stuff as usual

  3. The purpose of Twitter is to receive and deliver short messages from other Twitter users. Many use it strictly to interact socially, but Twitter is also becoming a essential tool for internet marketing. 

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