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Q: Advice on effectively keeping track of networking contacts?

Posted by bizcoachjason on December 16, 2008

I know I put a lot of work into keeping tabs and making notes on my contacts.  Can you recommend of a book, computer program or a skill or two that helps keep you organized in this area?


This is a very good and important question. What I do is:

1.)  Make notes on their business card

2.)  When I get home, I type those notes into the “Notes” section of the Outlook Contact. I also put down the event or situation where we met. This is an easy one to overlook, but can be VERY helpful later. After meeting hundreds of people over the years while networking, I wish I was doing this from the start.

This also makes searching your contacts for specific events, information, professions, etc. very easy, in turn making referring quality people easy as well as effectively and efficiently helping those that are asking for referrals. 

Note: If you have me in your contacts list, go now and type in “Awesome business coach for networking, marketing and sales for entrepreneurs, small business owners and sales professionals”  😉  Then email me and tell me what to type in for yours!

3.)  When I send a follow up email after the meeting, I try to put something personal in the message about our conversation – what I enjoyed, found interesting, etc. 

This does two things:

First, it reinforces in my mind who they are and what we talked about (and helps me to recall their face as I am doing this).

Second, it also reminds them specifically of who I am, giving a personal touch and helping me to stand out from the other 20 people they met that night.

4.)  After seeing them again at another event, I will go back and type in the details of that encounter.  It makes keeping everyone easier to remember both with a physical record and also in my memory.

Doing these four steps has helped me tremendously with networking, fostering relationships and being able to help others.  I have fairly often gotten, “Wow, what a great memory you have.” Or “I’m impressed that you remember meeting me last year…”

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All the best,


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