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Q: A win-win situation in this economic climate?

Posted by bizcoachjason on November 6, 2008

Are the current economic conditions effecting your marketing, sales and business revenue?  And just as important, are they effecting your mindset?

I believe it’s very important to not let the recession, down market, whatever you want to label it, get too much into your belief system about if people will spend money or not. Each customer is unique and everyone’s situation has hundreds of variables.

No matter what the economic climate is, any consumer is faced with a buying and spending decision at the moment of a sale. Great sales people will “coach the sale” — work with the prospect (not on, or against) to come to the best decision for the prospect. Make the interaction and decision-making process a real collaboration between the two of you.

This is a philosophy that I hold dear and teach to my clients as well. If you follow this mantra, and truly look out for your prospects’ wellbeing, you won’t make every sale, but you will get an outstanding reputation and lots of referrals, which will lead to even more customers and revenue. And that one that didn’t buy will be much more likely to revisit the opportunity later.

When you are selling, be an advocate for the potential client. Help them come to the best buying decision, and you will see less influence by the economy, better immediate results for your customers, and stronger long-term growth for yourself.

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  1. 2nd tier affiliate…

    I don’ t buy it. However, I did complete the 10 minute survey which had approximately 7 of the 20 questions asking me about my plans to buy a new motorcycle and if so which manufacture was I considering and the timeframe. I think the marketing guys g…

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