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I Can See Clearly Now: Business Clarity from Coaching

Posted by bizcoachjason on October 31, 2008

Listen in to the 10/30/08 show. In this spirited conversation, I was interviewed by Jackie Rogers of The Kitchen Table Entrepreneur about gaining clarity, vision and growth in your business through coaching: http://snipurl.com/BizCoachJasonVoiceAm

Topics: The importance of gaining vision and clarity for success; How to build a networking, marketing and sales mindset; How to grow your business using coaching; What to look for in a great coach; The core areas that coaching can help your business; and much more . . .

We had a very lively discussion. I hope you enjoy it!

All the best,

P.S. My blog can now be accessed and viewed on Facebook!  See http://apps.facebook.com/blognetworks/blogpage.php?blogid=69071 

Website: http://www.AchieveYourIdealBusiness.com
Facebook: http://profile.to/BizCoachJason


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