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Q: Will achievement of your goals guarantee happiness?

Posted by bizcoachjason on October 27, 2008

Hello MVPF Members,

This is a  very interesting question and exercise! (See oringal post by Vincent below)

I think that we each have our own goals, and looking to others that have achieved MY goals to see if they are happy would be interesting and helpful, but also not necessarily directly indicative of the “happiness effect” of those goals unless you also ask WHY they wanted to accomplish and what they would get out of attaining those goals.

I am considering climbing to the top of the Sears Tower, and I ask others who have done it to see if it made them happy. 

Joe finished the ordeal and is extremely happy.  Jennifer did it and is disappointed.  Jack completed it and is very unhappy.

Now, how does that help me if I don’t go further and ask why they attempted the climb?  You see, Joe did it to get in better shape and ended up losing weight, having stronger muscles and a leaner build. Jennifer did it because the elevator was out of order and felt she had no other choice to get to the top.  Jack thought it would bring him fame and fortune, but no one cared.

I think it’s very important to ask yourself WHY you want to attain the goals you have set out for yourself, and how accomplishing them will positively impact your life.  Then dig very deep and see if those accomplishments and those impacts really do have a “cause and effect” relationship – or are they just correlated but maybe not directly, or is there a missing link in between that is necessary?

Many people assume that attaining broadly-termed career, business or financial “success” will make them happy.  This usually is true if you take the time necessary to determine your motivations, actions and results.

I work with small business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals to dig much deeper to define exactly what kind of success will make them happy, what the positive impacts are of attaining it, and what the negative implications will be if they don’t. Then we create a plan that is individually inspiring and motivating for them to get there. We figure out how they can use the strengths and skills that they have to do the things they enjoy doing that will lead them to those ultimate goals.

So I agree with Vincent that is a great idea to really take a closer look at your goals and see if they will truly make you happier, and use your network of friends and family to help you find those answers.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss these ideas further, please contact me and befriend me on Facebook and Twitter.

Everyone have a great Monday and a STRONG week!  🙂


Jason E. Rosado

Business CoachHelping self-directed and self-managed professionals achieve their ideal business in 12 months or less.
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Brainstorming Your Career and Business

If Goals Are The Answer, Why Are Your Friends Who’ve Achieved Your Goal Unhappy? 

Posted by: “Vincent Wright” MyLinkedinPowerForum@gmail.com   linkedinrecruiter

Sun Oct 26, 2008 5:14 pm (PDT)

Most of us who’ve been attentive to our coaches, counselors, teachers,
preachers, and consultants have been at one time or another told something
like, “You’ve got to set goals in order to get what you want.”

And while I, too, believe that you have to set goals if you want to get
something out of life, I believe there’s a critically important problem with
overly focusing on goals: goals don’t guarantee happiness.

If you think they do, then answer this: “If goals are the answer to
happiness, why are so many of your friends who’ve achieved your goals,
who’ve achieved the very things you want, still depressed – in spite of
having achieved goals which would “MAKE you” happy?

As an exercise: 1.) Think about your goals. 2.) Think about your network of
friends. 3.) Ask yourself have any of the friends in your network achieved
your goals. 4.) For those who have achieved the goals you’re striving to
achieve, are they happy? 5. ) If they are happy, check in with them to see
if it was the goals alone which made them happy. 6.) If they are not happy,
ask them how is it that achieving all that they’ve achieved, the house, the
car, the spouse, the children, the income, the success is not making them

And this too: Haven’t you achieved some of your most ardent goals? Were
you always happy after achieving them?

Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!
Vincent Wright
Entrepreneurial Recruiter/Social Media Consultant
www.SocialMediaConsortium.com | www.MyLinkingPowerForum.com |
www.MyVirtualPowerForum.com | www.MyLinkedinPowerForum.com |


One Response to “Q: Will achievement of your goals guarantee happiness?”

  1. Piggyback said

    Well, i am usually happy when I achieve my goals…for a short while lol

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