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Facebook is taking a lot of time… So…

Posted by bizcoachjason on October 7, 2008

With all the people I have been connecting with lately (especially high school classmates) that have been asking what I’ve been up to over the past 18 years, here it is.

Last 18 years..  Ok, here it goes:

Music (trombone & baritone horn, teach brass lessons, D&B Corps conductor), started school (University of Illinois), bars, left school, travel, work (Opened a restaurant), work out, bars, closed a restaurant, music (University of Illinois – Chicago Jazz Band – trombone), finished school (UIC), travel, work (Service Rep, Training & Manager), moved to Lakeview (Chicago IL), running, work out, bars, volleyball, tennis, work (Training Manager), travel, engaged (in Paris), bars, work, travel, married (in Chicago), volleyball, bought house in Berwyn IL, travel, work (Microsoft Product Trainer), bicycle, networking, volleyball, opened own business (www.AchieveYourIdealBusiness.com), tennis, networking, bicycle, travel, networking, joined Facebook, wrote on a few “walls” today. And I might eat lunch soon.

There are a few small details I may have left out somewhere in there. 🙂

What are your updates?


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