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So much excitement, so little time! :) Keeping my mind on business and getting ready for a “last hurrah” in Mexico

Posted by bizcoachjason on September 22, 2008

Yep — it’s time again for the 50 mile Rosarito – Ensenada bike ride on Saturday, in MEXICO!!!

This will be my third time participating in the ride (over the last four years, I skipped 2006).  I’ve been training for it, slowly, over the summer.  I hit 50 miles this past Saturday and felt pretty good afterwards.  The toughest part is that 50 miles here is not like 50 miles there.  I don’t have a realistic way here in Chicago in September to train for the grueling uphill climbs and intense heat and sun beating down there in Mexico.  But other than that, I am ready and really excited!

If you check out the website for the ride, you will notice that this is the LAST RIDE for this historic 29-year, semi-annual ride.  I am very sad for that, and I hope that the decision to cancel future rides will be reversed once the economy and travel business pick back up.  I can only assume this is what has led to low participation.

But it got me thinking…

What would you do if you found out that your business only had a year left, then it was being “canceled”?  Would you give up and just relax, maybe not even show up for work?  Would you “train” even harder to make sure the last hurrah was a huge success?  Would you protest, organize and try to save it?

It’s not a perfect analogy, because I didn’t create nor run the Rosarito ride, but it has been something over the past four years that I have enjoyed looking forward to, and training for each year.  And now that this might be (I can’t even bring myself to say “it will be”) the last time I will get to do this, I have even more enthusiasm and excitement to make it a great ride and vacation. 

What if we looked at each opportunity in our business as the last time to do it?  The last time to make a great networking contact; the last time to get in front of a room full of people and provide outstanding information, direction and service; the last time to be of tremendous value to a client…?  How would you approach these “last times” – business as usual or very differently?  Then the obvious question becomes, why not approach every opportunity, interaction and deal as if it were your last? 



2 Responses to “So much excitement, so little time! :) Keeping my mind on business and getting ready for a “last hurrah” in Mexico”

  1. Thank you for your post. I will be doing the rosarito ensenada ride for the first time ever Saturday and have been training. Your blog made me realize taht I should take the same training approach to improve my business as well.

    Best of luck saturday,

    Rafael Perez in San Diego (where it is easy to train on hills in the sun!)

  2. Hi Rafael,

    Thanks for the comment, I’m glad it was a help.

    Maybe we’ll run into each other down there!


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