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Q: How should you anser “What Does Your Business Do?”

Posted by bizcoachjason on September 15, 2008

The below question and answer is reposted with permission from MVPF’s owner.

Q: I was just asked a quest which kind of stomped me: “What does your business do?”

It’s kind of embarrassing to be in a business or to have an advocation  and not be able to state it in a clear sentence or two.

So, as a practice, I tried putting something together as if I were providing social media consulting services to MVPF:

“My Virtual Power Forum provides social media consulting services to members of an online community of 8,900 professionals who join in to help each other do business better by powering up our professional networks.”

I know it’s hodge podge but, what about you? What does your business do? 🙂

Vincent Wright
Social Media Consultant
Twitter.com/VincentWright | Linkedin.com/in/VincentWright |
MyLinkingPowerForum.com | MyVirtualPowerForum.com | MyLinkedinPowerForum.com | 

Hi Vincent and members of MVPF,Very good question and conversation thread!

Here is a condensed version of the instruction I provide to people in my workshops and coaching programs to help formulate a great answer to that question:

First, answer the below four questions.  Then combine the answers for questions 1 – 3 into one or two short sentences that really are compelling to your target.

1.) Who are your customers (if in sales) / people that you work with (if self-employed) / target hiring manager (if in a job search)?
2.) What is their problem or challenge (what pains do they face each day)?
3.) What benefit do they end up with (the measurable, tangible result they get after buying from you/working with you/hiring you)?

4.) What do you help them do?

Tag the answer question 4 in a very condensed way to the end of your sentence that answers questions 1 – 3, or have a longer version ready to answer when the other person asks, “Oh, how do you do that?”. 

Then describe a little bit about the process/product/background that you take your target client/hiring manager through to get to the results you mentioned.

Here is an example for my own business when I meet someone:

“I help entrepreneurs to define and execute their best strategy, improve their skills and effectiveness, and increase their revenue, so they can have more time, money, and energy to devote to the things that really matter in their lives.”

“Oh, how do you do that?” is usually the follow up question, and what I hope they ask if I piqued their curiosity.  Then I explain a little bit about the business success process that I take clients through.

They key is to avoid long monologues and only give information about myself or my business if people want to hear more. That way you aren’t “selling to them” without knowing if they are interested.  You are developing a relationship and respecting them because you aren’t boring or annoying them with info they don’t care about, but instead having a meaningful conversation.

Hope this helps!



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