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Q: Should I have business cards when I’m not in business?

Posted by bizcoachjason on August 22, 2008

   Q: I don’t have business cards from my job, and I don’t particularly want to incur the expense of getting them made with my office information on them. I have found however, that not having business cards at all is awkward when making new acquaintances. I am in the midst of deciding which direction to go career-wise, but won’t have that decided for a few months at least.

Is it tacky to make business cards with simply my name, number and email. In other words, no title, company etc?

   A: If you are networking, I think it is incredibly important to have a card to hand someone when asked, because:
· You are perceived as professional, organized and “together”
· You are furthering the relationship that you just started by meeting the person
· This person obviously has a reason in mind that they want to contact you in the future
· You are providing something tangible to be remembered by after the initial meeting

I also believe that getting the other person’s contact info is ten times more important than handing a card to someone and hoping for the best, because:
· You are now in control of if and when you have further contact
· You have a resource that you can call upon later if desired
· You can share this new acquaintance as a resource to others that may want help in some area

As for what to say on the card in addition to your contact info, you have a few options:
· Consider what message you really want people to know about you, like a tagline. My card says “Achieve Your Ideal Business in 12 Months or Less”
· Put a generic title in your career area of interest like “Coaching Professional”, “Training Professional”, “Management Professional”, etc.
· Go with only your contact info. If people are asking you for a card, they already have their own perception of you and will fill in the “blank” themselves with what is relevant to them.

Good luck out there!  And have fun.

Jason Rosado



One Response to “Q: Should I have business cards when I’m not in business?”

  1. A friend of mine just emailed me one of your articles from a while back. I read that one a few more. Really enjoy your blog. Thanks

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