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Q: Help with a sales call?

Posted by bizcoachjason on June 29, 2008

Q:  I have a really big call with a decision-maker at a very large company who may be interested in licensing my software.  It’s a perfect match for this company and industry, and this should be a healthy relationship in many ways.

I’m wondering what to focus on in this call. I realize I need to have the mechanics of the call figured out, but I’m wondering what this call should be about, in other words, what should be on the agenda.

A: Congrats on the opportunity! 

I would cover four areas during the call:

1.)  Focus on what they want.  Ask a lot of questions that get at where they want to be and a little about how they want to get there.  Also ask about what barriers are present, and what some challenges might be to getting there. Then present the points of how your software will help them to get past their barriers and achieve their high-level wants.

2.) Go beyond the product and sell yourself as an added value – a resource, an ongoing support, a referral partner, whatever else you have to offer – again, making sure that what you bring to the table will help them to get to their dreams, wants and desires.

3.) Possible questions to ask include: “What would be your best case scenario for this relationship?” and  “What would be the best part about that?”, “What might be some potential pitfalls?”  You’ll want to stir their desires, and address their fears and doubts. Provide whatever assurances that you are able to for those.

4.) Lastly, don’t try to close before you ask how they see the fit.  Make sure they see that your product and service will help them get to where they want to go faster and easier than anything else. Once that’s been secured and you’ve addressed their doubts and fears, then close the deal.

I hope this helps, and please let me know if I can be of assistance in any other way.

All the best, and good luck!!

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