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Get More from Your Network!

Posted by bizcoachjason on March 2, 2008

As many of you know, BNC’s
Spring n-Counter
is coming up fast. 
And we’re excited!

As my 449 friends and colleagues that
made it to Fall n-Counter know, this is an
outstanding networking event with all
kinds of professionals from all kinds of
industries, non-profits, clubs, associations
and special interest groups — with lots of
catching up to do and even more new
people to meet!

Now the question is:
Are you ready for it?

Please join me for a free teleclass
Networking Necessities. There will be
two sessions to choose from:
– Monday, 3/3/08 at 7pm CT
– Tuesday, 3/4/08 at 10am CT
To receive the dial in number, please go to

In this 50 minutes class, we’ll cover how to
use the Networking Necessities

•  Eliminate fear and build confidence in
speaking with both acquaintances
and strangers
•  Build rapport quickly and easily
•  Discover how to propel you to the front
of prospects mind
•  Find the best places to go to network
•  Leave people wanting to learn more
about you and your business
•  Come across as the true professional
you are and walk away with results that

Networking is part science and part art.
We’ll look at the two sides, and you’ll
leave with a plan that will take advantage
of both.

Let’s make some connections!


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