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Supercharge Your Networking & Sales

Posted by bizcoachjason on February 16, 2008

Supercharge Your Networking & Sales

Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners
who depend on networking to grow your business:

Discover 7 Secrets to Literally Quadruple
Your Network and Get a Flood of Fresh New
Customers Using the Least Expensive
Marketing Method in History…

Supercharge Your Networking & Sales
will provide useful and immediate solutions
to the toughest networking challenges
and the opportunity to make lasting
and productive connections resulting
in more closed sales…


And I have laid it out for you in 7 easy steps.

In this informative and hands-on workshop,
learn and apply the essential elements to build
your personalized Sales Success Strategy…

* Gain the true understanding of Networking,
Sales, and Relationships, and how they interact

* Find hidden marketing and publicity opportunities
that are easily accessible but often overlooked

* Learn how to move people to action quickly
and easily, without having to ABC: *Always Be Closing*

* Develop successful elevator pitches and
networking introductions, then turn them into
powerful sales presentations

* Refine your personal branding and marketing
messages, generate more leads and close more sales.

See (http://Supercharge.Eventbrite.Com) for the full description.

Presented by Distinctive Coaching
and hosted by Brian Gray of A.G. Edwards

Questions? Contact: Jason Rosado, Jason@DistinctiveCoaching.com


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