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One week already gone… (1/7/08)

Posted by bizcoachjason on January 12, 2008

Happy New Year!!

We are about one week into the new year
of 2008. I’ve got a few questions that
I want to ask of you and of myself, as well…

How did 2007 go? Did we accomplish everything
that we set out to? Did we determine if
it was a successful year? How successful?

What did we learn from 2007 that will help us
to double, triple or more our results for 2008?

Looking back at 2007

Well, I know it’s not completely fair for me
to sit here and “preach” to you about what
you should do or should have done, so I’m going
to tell you about my own experiences instead.

Last year, I wrote an article about New Years
Resolutions (“NYR’s”) that was published on
Gaper’s Block: http://tinyurl.com/3a2u7f.
I thought it would be interesting to audit
myself on my own advice to see how well I did.
I invite you to measure your past year
as I go through my own evaluation.

In the article, I outlined a three-step plan
for NYR’s:
1.) Get very clear on your vision of success
2.) Create a sound plan of action
3.) Get support and create accountability

In terms of NYR’s and 2007 goals,
I did fairly well. So, in no particular order…

Lose weight:
This probably is always the toughest NYR in
our country. I had to attempt this twice and
some of weight crept back on at the end of
the year.. so this one will roll over to 2008.
At least I am getting better each time and
figuring out what motivation and strategies
work and which ones don’t. The toughest part
here is that as I get older, what works seems
to change.

I followed the three steps closely and have
a lot of energy and even more focus to make
this happen in 2008.

For this goal, step #3 is HUGE, as many of
you know. For accountability to eat healthier,
my wife and I worked the same program together
and supported each other. For more exercise,
I trained for and completed a 50-mile bicycle
ride in Mexico in September. Working towards
that goal and holding the vision of the finish
line was a very big part of my success.

Build up my business:
I definitely built up the business, held
workshops, and increased one-on-one coaching
clients. I did a ton of networking and
marketing, and I learned so much more about
those two items to build upon my existing
knowledge that now many of my workshops center
on the subjects.

On the three steps, I faltered on #1 and as a
result #2 was much more difficult to accomplish.
I didn’t have strongly stated revenue and other
quantifiable goals to start last year. I did
get to them and then met them, so now I have
more aggressive goals set for 2008, and I know
the success will be much higher!

Put more money in savings:
This was accomplished, but one of the hidden
obstacles that I didn’t factor in was the
money I would want to spend on my own
professional development, which added up.

Buy a new car:
This one was a much longer running goal
than realized. It came together nicely
towards the end of the year and required
other goals to be accomplished first.

Yes, all in all, it was a pretty good year!

 For the above goals, all three steps were
critical. And each goal had a different set
of challenges that related to different parts
of the three steps. It was very important to
have people to fall back on and help me through
the processes. My wife, coaches, friends,
networking groups, and my own determination
all helped to fill strategy gaps, provide
support, and keep me accountable.

 During this “self-audit”, I discovered step #4:
4.) Keep learning along the way

This year was a big learning process, and
I know that having gone back and reviewed it,
2008 will be much stronger!

All the best in the new year,

What, that’s it? What about 2008?
–> Do you have your business, saless and marketing game plan together for 2008?
–> Do you have specific, measurable and tangible goals set?
–> Do you know what your action steps are going to be to get there?
–> Have you come up with contingency plans and thought about hidden obstacles?
–> How are you going to make sure you keep learning so you can grow, advance and achieve?
==> If you have any doubts at all about your
answers to these questions, I have TWO suggestions…

 ==> ONE
Register and attend the BNC Entrepreneur Luncheon in Chicago on 1/9/08,
where I will be the guest speaker, and we will work together to create
supercharged goals for 2008!  Please follow the contact instructions on
the registration page, as this is filling up quickly!

==> TWO
Sign up to receive the FREE Business Success E-Series from Distinctive Coaching. This five-part series highlights how you can lay the foundation, strategize your actions and improve yourself and those around you so you can have your best year ever!

Jason E. Rosado
Business Coach

Helping entrepreneurs and sales professionals achieve your ideal business in 12 months or less.
Want to get started?  Sign up for your FREE “Business Success E-Series”!


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