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“Must-have’s in order to gain confidence to sell”

Posted by bizcoachjason on December 22, 2007

Q: What should I include in a great Sales Toolkit?

I am targeting my sales team and am looking for must haves in order for these people to gain the confidence to sell these products.

Interesting question.I’m breaking this down to “Must-have’s in order to gain confidence to sell product”:

1. Expert knowledge of the product’s benefits and how it solves problems for consumers

2. Very good understanding of the prospect’s likely problems and challenges in this subject and with current vendor or product in use

3. Excellent listening and empathy skills to learn the prospect’s unique details around the current challenges that the product solves and be able to articulate those back to demonstrate understanding

4. PRACTICE. If they want to gain confidence, they should practice different approaches and sales scenarios, and role-play those with their managers, peers, friends and then on live prospects to gain familiarity with the conversation. The learning and improvement should never end.

5. A clearly defined objective for each sales interaction: to connect and build the relationship, close a deal, provide info on new product roll-out, follow up on status of recent purchase/service request, assess customer satisfaction, etc… The sales rep should be able to answer this question very specifically: What do I want to have happen by the time I hang up the phone (walk out the door)? Then determine the steps needed to be taken to ensure that happens.


Thanks Jason, I appreciate you sharing some insights here and really think your #5 is excellent. This will definitely help in the design of this sales kit.

Best Regards,


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