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Q: How do you pick yourself up/motivate yourself?

Posted by bizcoachjason on November 5, 2007

Q: When you are having a bad day, how do you pick yourself up/motivate yourself?

Interested to see how different people deal with this. Today is a particularly stressful day for me – inspiration welcome!!! 🙂

Ahh… the stress of a bad day can be bad stuff. There are a lot of ways to pick yourself up. I’ll just list a few ideas:

· Go outside at lunch time. Don’t sit at your desk.
· Get some fresh air
· Do a fun activity
· Do a physical activity to get the blood flowing and let your mind rest
· Call a trusted friend and “vent” (but don’t overuse this person for this, or they won’t be around for long!)
· Work on a project that you haven’t had time to do but are looking forward to (planning a vacation, a night out, working in the yard, etc)
· Get something done that you’ve been putting off and enjoy the sense of accomplishment

Thanks for the great question!


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