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Three short sales tips

Posted by bizcoachjason on October 29, 2007

I wanted to share these three sales tips from an answer I posted on LinkedIn:

1. Don’t just “sell a product or service” but become a trusted advisor that provides solutions and can be relied on to help when needed.

2. Listen 80% of the time to the prospect or customer to determine their stated needs and the underlying needs, and talk 20% of the time to ask questions and clarify the answers.

3. Once someone has made a decision to buy, stop selling!  I see this too often: when a customer decides to make the purchase, but for a different reason than the one the sales person is trying to convey, they can be talked out of buying.  As a sales person, if someone decides to buy, no matter what the reason, stop selling and close the deal.  The customer is making the best decision for themselves and knows more about their situation and needs than you do.

Hope these help!


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