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Q: Email addresses… I’m just peeking, I swear!

Posted by bizcoachjason on September 19, 2007

Q: Hi Jason,

I just got an email from a vendor who supplies a different service to the same type of clients as I do.  He didn’t blind carbon copy it, so I now have access to about 200 email addresses of folks who, in all likelihood, would be interested in what I have to offer.  It seems like stealing to send them an email, but is it?

I very much appreciate your opinion.

A: I’m honored that you would seek my opinion. Though you might not like the answer.  LOL
Trust me, I have been temped SO much at times to do what you are asking about.  It can be very difficult.

I think it is stealing, and I have had to hit the delete button to get rid of the addresses and make it quick and painless.

The other option is to “Reply to all” with something directly related to the original email that would be helpful to the members of the list.  I still wouldn’t download the addresses, but at least I would be able to get one “touch” out to these people (with my standard business signature, of course J ) and if any of them are interested, they can contact me back and continue the dialog.

Let me know if this helps, or if you’d like to get a second opinion.  I’d be curious what others thought.


All the best,


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